Playing and Previewing Music on BPM Supreme

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Similar to other music sites, you can preview tracks by hovering and clicking on the track's album art, which opens the player on the bottom of the screen. From here you can see the currently playing track, switch versions, download the track, and more.

Previewing Different Versions:

Most tracks’ default version will typically be the clean version, but you can easily swap to a different version of the track inside of the player using the dropdown next to the track name.


Alternatively, if the track is listed above, you can also click on the arrow next to the track's cover art on hover to expand the track and see all available versions.


Full Screen Preview:

Whenever the player is visible, you can also click the arrow inside to open a full-screen mode which allows for more control over the play queue, a larger waveform, and more quick actions for the currently playing track.


Editing your Play Queue:

In full screen preview, you can see what songs are playing next in your queue. You can edit this queue by selecting the ‘Edit Queue’ button and rearranging the queue how you see fit.


Track Preview Length:

Free users are restricted to 30 second previews of all tracks contained in Open Format and Latin libraries. 

Please also note that some audio is restricted to 30 second preview times due to licensing agreements, however, these songs are still able to be downloaded at their full length.