Switching Music Libraries on BPM Supreme

  • Updated

BPM Supreme has three different music libraries of DJ-ready music available to users that you can switch between. Previously, this was handled with a dedicated tab bar above the content window, but as of March 2024, you can effortlessly switch between Open Format, Latino, and White Label libraries via a drop down in the top navigation bar, next to account settings and notifications.




How to Use the Dropdown:

  • Find the Dropdown: In the top navigation bar, look for the new dropdown menu near your account settings and notifications, it will either say ‘Open Format’, ‘Latino’ or ‘White Label’ depending on the music library you are currently accessing.
  • Switch Libraries: Click on the dropdown to see the library options. Select any library to instantly refresh the content window with your chosen library’s tracks.

Why This Update Was Made:

  • More Screen Space: Enjoy a larger area for browsing tracks without unnecessary obstructions.
  • Easier Navigation of Platform Controls: Access everything from library switches to account settings in one convenient location.
  • Seamless Experience: Switching libraries is just as easy but now comes with the bonus of a cleaner interface.

More About Music Libraries on BPM Supreme:

Open Format Library:

An Open Format subscription provides download access to top genres like hip hop, R&B, pop, dance, and more, plus DJ-ready exclusives, edits, and remixes.

Open Format Plans Include:

Standard Open Format: $22.99

Premium Open Format: $34.49

Premium All Access: $68.98

To access these plans, click here.


Latino Library:

A Latino subscription provides download access to top Latin genres like reggaeton, moombahton, cumbia, and regional, plus DJ-ready exclusives, edits, and remixes.

Latino Plans Include:

Standard Latino: $22.99

Premium Latino: $34.49

Premium All Access: $68.98

To access these plans, click here.


White Label Library:

The white label music library is available to all BPM Supreme users at no additional cost, meaning even non-paying users can download DJ-ready music from independent and up-and-coming artists for free. White Label contains tracks across all genres.


For any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at supreme@bpmmusic.io