Editors & Remixers on BPM Supreme

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BPM Supreme features a roster of editors and remixers who provide exclusive edits for our Standard subscribers, and exclusive remixes for our Premium subscribers. These tracks offer variety across numerous genres and give our subscribers exclusive access to edits & remixes of popular tracks by industry-leading talent. 


What is the difference between normal exclusives and premium exclusives?

We recently began offering our premium subscribers additional remixes each month on top of the exclusive content standard & premium subscribers were already receiving. These premium exclusives generally include full remixes of popular tracks by industry-leading talent, whereas the exclusive tracks available to standard users typically include edits and transitions. Premium exclusives are marked with a ‘premium’ tag, and can only be downloaded by subscribers with a premium subscription.


Where can I find all exclusives?

The best place to see all exclusives is on the exclusives section in ‘New Releases’ on BPM Supreme, located here. Here, you can see all the exclusives available on BPM Supreme, sorted by most recent, and you can apply filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Where can I see which editors & remixers are featured on BPM Supreme?

BPM Supreme is constantly adding new editors and remixers to our platform to keep our exclusive content offering fresh and diverse. Located on the home page, directly under ‘Exclusive Playlists’, is a section highlighting some of our top editors. If you click into this section, you can see a list of all editors currently releasing exclusive edits & remixes on BPM Supreme.



Are exclusive edits & remixes different between Open Format & Latino libraries?

Yes, both BPM Supreme Open Format & Latino libraries offer different exclusive edits & remixes tailored to that specific music library's content. The lineup of editors & remixers also varies between Open Format & Latino to ensure our users receive content tailored to their genre preferences.