How to use your crate

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Available to both Standard and Premium users, BPM Supreme's crate feature allows users to select tracks to download as a batch, making it easier to download multiple files at once.

Adding tracks to your crate:

To add tracks to your crate, click on the three-dotted vertical line and a menu will pop up. Click on "Add to Crate" and select which version of the track you want to add to your crate.




Alternatively, you can also click on the arrow next to the track title to expand the menu and add the track to your crate by clicking on the  Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_4.42.16_PM.png icon.





Downloading tracks from your crate:

After your tracks have been selected, you can access your crate on the panel to the left by clicking on "My Crate" (or click here). Select the tracks you would like to download and click on the download icon next to the trash icon at the top.




Your crate will then be downloaded as a .zip file and a link will also be emailed to you.

**We recommend users to not download more than 50 tracks per crate to avoid any errors. The crate will only support 500MB. Downloading more than 50 tracks per crate might cause slow downloads and connection issues. Please note that downloading 1000+ tracks per crate will cause a loss of your crate** 

If you experience other issues regarding your crate, it may be caused by cookies piling on your web browser. If that is the case, please do a hard refresh by following the instructions below:

  • Mac Users: While you are logged in to your platform hold: command + shift + r
  • Windows Users: While you have logged in to your platform hold: ctrl + click refresh/reload button

We also recommend using a different browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

If your crate fails to download, please send an email to with the following information so that we can restore your crate:

  • Exact name on the account
  • Email, username or user ID associated with the account
  • List of tracks that need to be reset (if any)
  • Crate download date (if possible)