How does Favorites work?

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Our "Favorites" feature allows you to keep track of all your favorite artists, tracks, and playlists on BPM Supreme, which helps you get notified on any new releases from artists and playlists that you like. Favorites are accessible on the left panel of the site, where the heart icon is displayed (you can also access "Favorites" by clicking here).




Once, the artist, playlist, or curated set has been added to your Favorites, you will be notified by the bell icon on the top right corner whenever new music from that artist and/or set has been added to our site.




To get notified for any new releases from your favorite artist, first search your designated artist, click on the artist’s profile in the search results, and click on “+ Follow Artist”. 




To add songs to your Favorites, click on the 3 dots displayed on your preferred track and click "Add To Favorites"




To add playlists and/or curated sets to your Favorites, hover your mouse over on the designated playlist and click on the heart icon.