What are Parental Controls?

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The Parental Controls setting makes it easier for DJs to filter out explicit content in our library while playing at family-friendly gigs.

How to activate Parental Controls

You can activate Parental Controls in the Settings section (or by clicking here). Once parental controls are set, you will need to set and save your 4-digit PIN number for future deactivation. Click on "Create PIN."

Once your Parental Controls have been set, click on "Save Changes"




How to deactivate Parental Controls

To deactivate Parental Controls, go back to your Settings > Parental Controls and use the same 4-digit PIN number that you previously made. If you don't remember your PIN number, please contact us.

Once you have you PIN number, enter it in the pop-up menu and click "Disable PIN"

Once your Parental Controls have been disabled, click "Save Changes."