What features does the mobile app have?

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The BPM Supreme mobile app is packed with features that were built to make a DJ’s life easier. New and expired users can browse and preview BPM Supreme’s massive audio library before subscribing:

  • Browse Top Downloads, New Releases, and Radio Charts - Find music in every genre, from today’s top hits to a vast collection of classics from each decade.

  • Listen to an ever-expanding library of music anytime, anywhere - shuffle, browse, and listen to audio on the go.

  • Discover exclusive remixes, edits, and versions - clean, dirty, radio edit, extended, intros, outros, and more.

  • Search thousands of tracks by genre, version, and BPM - Easily navigate and search for the exact track you need using our advanced search capability.

  • Stay up-to-date on DJ, producer, and music news - find the latest headlines in DJ, producer, and music industry news and culture, all at your fingertips.

  • No ads or interruptions - The BPM Supreme mobile app offers ad-free browsing and listening, even for free users.

Standard Membership Version gives users access to the features above, plus:

  • Add Audio to Your Crate from Anywhere - Membership to BPM Supreme gives you access to add tracks to your personal crate. Download on your desktop whenever you’re ready!

  • Create Your Own Playlists - Easily create custom playlists and start building your setlists all within the app.

  • Add To Queue - Choose the song you want to hear next by easily adding it to your queue. Keep the music playing while you browse, search, or read the latest DJ news.

A Premium Membership unlocks everything above and more:

  • Get Inspired and Follow Hand-Picked Curated Sets - Curated Sets are hand-selected playlists for different genres and events. We’re adding new inspiration to the app daily. Follow your favorite ones and start building your personal music library.

To get started, download the app and create a BPM Supreme account.