How Promotional Codes Work

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BPM Supreme provides multiple promo codes, which are usually provided on various occasions and can be applied when changing your subscription. Each promo code varies in price and length, and will only be applied to the first billing cycle. Once the promotional period from that code is over, you will automatically be billed at the normal billing rate. In general, promo codes can only be used by new or expired users, or Standard users wishing to upgrade to a Premium account. These codes can only applied at checkout, when changing your membership.




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BPM Supreme also has multiple partnerships with several schools and companies such as Roland and Reloop, where customers who purchase and register specific products from those brands are given complimentary subscriptions to our record pool via access codes. These specific codes can only be applied in our Partner Signup page.

To enter your access code and sign up for a discounted membership, click this link:

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Here are a few more details:

  • Access codes from our partnerships are valid for new users only.
  • Access codes are only provided upon registration of certain products purchased from our partners such as Roland, Numark, Reloop, Hercules, etc.
  • Access codes are only valid for a complimentary Standard membership. At the end of your promotional months, your account will be charged $22.99 USD on a monthly auto-renewal basis, but you can cancel the account anytime before renewal (3 days prior to renewal is recommended to avoid charges).
  • If you are having trouble signing up with your access codes, please send email us at along with your access code that was given to you.