How do Collaborative Drives work?

Similar to the Collaborative Playlists feature on BPM Supreme, Collaborative Drives is our latest feature that allows you to add collaborators to your custom Drive, where other users can add tracks and share the Drive with others.

This feature is available for Premium and Premium Plus subscribers only.

For instructions on making custom Drives, please read this article.

Before adding a collaborator to BPM Create, make sure they are a registered user on the site. To add a collaborator to your custom Drive, locate your custom playlist and click on the  Screen_Shot_2023-05-25_at_9.46.05_AM.png icon. Add their email address for their BPM Create account and click on the arrow to send an invite.




You can also set permissions to each of your collaborators by clicking on the 3 dots next to their email.



Your collaborator will then receive an invite via email and on their BPM Create account when they log in.



If you’re a collaborator on a shared Drive, you can access it by going to the “Shared With Me” folder on the left-hand navigation menu.



Please note that once your Premium or Premium Plus subscription has expired, the ownership of your Collaborative Drive can be transferred to another active Premium or Premium Plus user on that Drive.