What makes BPM Create stand out from other sample library services?

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BPM Create adopts both the technology and high quality standards from its parent company, BPM Music. BPM Music stands at the forefront of the DJ world with a leading online music subscription service. By bringing many of the well-known features and technology from BPM Supreme and into BPM Create, we are able to offer a unique sonic intersection of DJ + Producer + Artist. Consequently, we offer our users multiple ways to discover new sounds, curate their own content, control their account.

BPM Create also has features that go above and beyond what similar platforms offer, including MIDI file selection and a powerful search engine that quickens a producer’s workflow while generating superior accuracy in the search results. The BPM Create team diligently works to ensure quality and provide content that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved. To top it all off, BPM Create platform is designed to be lower cost point than other similar services, making it easy for producers of any level to get started.