Adding to crate

How to add tracks to crate:


BPM recommends users to not add more than 50 tracks per crate to avoid any download issues. The crate will only support 500MB.

Some users have reported issues when adding more than 50 tracks to their crate. Having more than 50 tracks per crate can cause slow downloads and connection issues. 

BPM Supreme can attempt to restore your crate when a crate fails. However, please note having 1000+ tracks per crate causes loss of crate. 

If you experience a lot of crate issues, sometimes the cookies on the web browser pile up and do not allow the site to work properly.

Please do a hard refresh by following the instructions below:

  • - Mac Users: While you are logged in to your platform hold: command + shift + r
  • - Windows Users: While you have logged in to your platform hold: ctrl + click refresh/reload button

BPM recommends using a different browser, for example, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

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