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Updating Payment Method and/or Membership

The best way to change your credit card information or change memberships is by canceling your current membership. We recommend canceling today to ensure no payment is applied, you will still have access to your account for the full 30 days you paid for.

Once your account has expired, log into your account and you will be asked to renew your account. When you renew your account you can then choose the membership you would like and enter your new billing information. You can change your payment method in your account under:

  • My account
  • Membership info
  • Update my plan

If you have any issue or questions please contact BPM for assistance. 

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  • 0
    kathiresan “kathir” 25

    I can't able to pay through the PayPal BPM supreme is not accepting the payment 

    kindly tell me why it is happening like this 

  • 1
    andre brown

    i been trying to update my payment from paypal to credit card , and it wont update my info.

  • 0

    So I have to cancel my current membership to change payment method lol sounds broken to me!

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