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How the $9.99 promotion works

The $9.99 offer is only available to new users. The cost will be applied to the first month and after the first month you will be charged the standard/ongoing rate of $19.99. Please refer to bpmsupreme.com/terms-of-use for additional information.

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    I have subscribed yesterday on 29th Dec 2018 & it's my first ever purchase from any record pool. I thought it was $9.99 for first month for new members but I was charged 19.99. bcuz the was no option for $ 9.99! Why did that happened?!

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    Sherwin Bajao

    I signed up for the $29.99 option and was charged $29.99. So will my 1st month be $9.99 and the $20.00 additional charge be applied to my account towards my 2nd month of $29.99?

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