Device Management in BPM Music

User Roles and Verification Process Device Management play a crucial role in ensuring the security and accessibility of your BPM Music accounts.


User Roles and Device Allowance:


BPM Music offers different user roles, each with its own device allowance:

  • BPM Supreme Standard Users: Standard users have access to two main device login and one mobile app login.
  • BPM Supreme Premium Users: Premium users enjoy more flexibility with three main device logins and one mobile app login.
  • BPM Create Standard Users: For BPM Create users, there is no mobile app. They are allowed one desktop device login and one mobile device login.


BPM Create Premium and Premium Plus Users: For BPM Create users, there is no mobile app. They are allowed two desktop device logins and one mobile device login.


Device Verification Process:


When a user exceeds their device limit, any additional login attempts will prompt them to verify the device. Here's how the verification process works:


Verification Email: Users wishing to verify an additional device will receive an email sent to their account email address. This email will contain a code and a link to initiate the verification process.


Code Entry: Users will enter the code provided in the email to verify the device.



  • Device Removal Prompt: After verification, users will be prompted to remove any devices exceeding the device limit to maintain compliance.


Managing Verified Devices:

Users can easily manage their verified devices from the bottom of the main account page. Here are the actions you can take:

  • Device Removal: Remove devices you no longer use or need to stay within your device limit.
  • Device Renaming: Customize device names to easily identify them.
  • Verification Date: View when each device was last verified to stay organized.


Important Note: 

Logging Out When Removing a Device:

It's essential to note that if a user removes the device they are currently using, they will be automatically logged out of BPM Supreme or BPM Create. Always be cautious when removing devices to avoid unintended logouts.


Device-Based Security Measures:


Devices are tracked based on browsers, which means using a different browser will count as a new device. This security measure is in place to ensure the safety of your BPM Music account. It helps protect your data and prevents unauthorized access.





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