Subscription Price Update and New Pricing Tiers

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We value your commitment to our service, and we want to keep you informed about some upcoming changes to our subscription pricing. At BPM Music, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality content and experience, and this adjustment is aligned with our commitment to delivering the best value to our users.


New Pricing Tiers:

Starting in September 2023, we will be introducing new pricing tiers to better cater to your needs. Our pricing will now be structured as follows:


  • Standard 1-Library (Open Format or Latino): $22.99 per month
  • Premium 1-Library (Open Format or Latino): $34.49 per month
  • Premium All-Access: $68.98 per month


For current active subscribers, your subscription will begin at the new price according to your chosen tier on your renewal date in October. For any users currently subscribed to the previously available Standard All-Access subscription, you will continue to receive your plan’s benefits as usual, but please note that this subscription level is no longer available for new and returning subscribers, and you will lose access if you change or cancel your subscription.


Why the Change?

We understand that price adjustments can raise questions, and we want to provide you with a clear understanding of why this change is happening. Our aim is to maintain and enhance the quality of our service and content. This includes ensuring a diverse and up-to-date library, as well as providing you with an exceptional user experience.


**Please note that we continue to support previous PayPal transactions, but we will be discontinuing PayPal in the future in 2024.**

If you do not wish to continue paying for your subscription at the new price point, you can always cancel via your account page or visit our support article to find out how if you have more questions.