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Everything about the record pool dashboard




If you’re a new user to BPM Supreme or have been a user for several years, you might be somewhat overwhelmed by the diverse catalog and vast array of options you have in front of you on the record pool dashboard.

Read below to get caught up with how to navigate through the record pool dashboard in order to get the tracks best suited for your set.

Here are common FAQs from our users that you might find helpful.

Do I have to pay per song?

No, the membership provides unlimited access and downloads.

Do you provide audio & video?

Yes, we provide high-quality MP3s and MP4s, all tagged with the song name, title, length, and beats-per-minute. All of our content is quality checked daily to ensure 100% satisfaction. We also provide our users with multiple music versions of the following formats: Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, Acapella, Custom Edits, DJ Friendly Intros, Remixes, and so much more.

How much audio and video can I download?

The membership provides unlimited access and downloads. There is however a 3 download limit per version of each song prevent account sharing. If users reach this max due to technical reason, please contact us. 

How many times can I download each song?

There is a 3 download limit per version of each song as a precaution to prevent account sharing. If users reach this max due to technical reason, please contact us.

Can I keep the music once I download it?

Yes. Once you download music from our site the files are for you to keep.

What genres of music are available?

We provide Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic Dance Music, Latin, Urban, Pop, Top 40, Electronic Dance Remixes, Dubstep, Trap, Twerk, Tropical, Regional, Country, Rock, Reggae, Dancehall, and Classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

What are the quality and formats available?

All audio is encoded at 320 kbps. All videos are encoded with a 640x360 frame size for 16:9 aspect ratios and a 640x480 frame size for 4:3 aspect ratios. All audio on the video files are encoded at 320 kbps.

Do all songs include an intro/outro version for easier mixing?

All audio and videos that are uploaded include both the original versions, as well as 8 bar intro/outro versions especially made for easier mixing.

How do I access the cue points? 

The cue points are marked on the first beat and all songs should be cue point ready for updated Serato software.


Additional information about the dashboard and sections.

About New Releases: 

New Releases are organized by newest to oldest. Right when the page refreshes you will find the New Releases ordered by the newest uploaded track. Since we have licensing deals with major music labels and music groups we usually have the newest music first before it gets released to the public. Our music curators and artist relations department are also constantly communicating with artists and their managers to get access the the most sought after releases.

About Staff Picks:

Our staff consists of many veteran musicians and DJs who have been in the music industry for several years. As a BPM Supreme user you can rest assured that our staff’s handpicked content comes with credible recommendations.

About Radio Charts:

As a DJ it’s your job to be up-to-date with all of the latest music and especially the music that’s currently topping the charts. We aggregate data from the largest and most trusted music and radio charts and synthesize it to populate our Radio Charts section.

About Top Downloads:

Our Top Downloads section is exactly what the title says it is. It is the most downloaded tracks of BPM Supreme users. 


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