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What is BPM Supreme?

BPM Supreme is a digital record pool for professional DJs, producers, and remixers. Established in early 2006, BPM Supreme has been a trusted source of music for over a decade. Professional DJs choose BPM Supreme because of the quality and quantity of our catalog. 

Where is BPM Supreme located?


The BPM Supreme HQ is located in Sunny San Diego, CA with many satellite offices and employees active around the world. 

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Where does BPM Supreme get their music from?

BPM Supreme receives music directly from major record labels, record companies, and independent artists. 

Is BPM Supreme licensed to distribute music?

Yes, BPM Supreme is fully licensed to distribute audio and video to professional DJs.  

Why join a record pool?

Being a member to any record pool is becoming much more common for any type of DJ around the world. DJs at every level of their career are quickly realizing the importance of having a record pool as one of their sources of music. Having priority access to the newest music is of supreme significance.

What sets BPM Supreme apart from similar record pools?

BPM Supreme is a record pool that caters to all types of DJs. Our catalog consists of thousands of tracks spanning from the 70s, 80s, 90s to the newest releases topping the charts today. 

BPM Supreme also has an engaged community of DJs around the world that is constantly spreading the love of music online, at events, festivals, and concerts. Make sure to keep following our brand across our social channels. We have big things in store!


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